JJ da Boss

JJdaBoss was born in Memphis TN on August 10, 1973 at St. Joseph Hospital. He grew up in a small town called Joiner, AR population 702. He graduated from Rivercrest High School in 1992. Always country, poor & happy. He was the only child of a Pentecostal mother. JJ grew up in the streets at an early age gambling & hustling; anything to earn a few dollars. As a child, JJ had a strong love and passion for muscle cars. He was driving and racing at the age of 10 on dirt and gravel roads around Mississippi County.

JJ da Boss

JJ da Boss is known to be the fastest man on the streets and one of the biggest gamblers. He owns several race cars: Ziptie, Ole Heavy & Heifer and who knows what he will have next.


I’m JJ da Boss’s wife. JJ will put me in anything. I’ve drove Heifer, Ziptie, Ole Heavy and many more…


Everyone knows me as Doughboy. I’m JJ da Boss’s son. I help my dad work and race. Together we stand, separate we fall.


I am known as “Queen of the streets”. I drive Ole Heave; It’s 4720 lbs with the extra battery.